Due to the great interest in stays, bookings for 2020 will be opened from January 2020 and will only be available to book 3 months in advance.

The Chalet

Block A has 4 rooms, 12 beds, a living room and a kitchen, 3 bathrooms and a fireplace

Block B has 5 rooms, 13 beds, a living room, a kitchen, 3 bathrooms and a fireplace

Our Family Home

Living room with a tv, 5 beds and 2 extra beds, a bathroom, 1 separate toilet, 2 rooms, a kitchen

The Lower Suite

Living room with a fireplace and tv, a bathroom, one separate toilet, a kitchen, 1 room, 4 beds

The Upper Suite

Living room with TV, a bathroom, a kitchen, 2 rooms, 5 beds and 2 extra beds


Lýdia Lukyová   

Site Manager

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Peter Švaral

Site Operator

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Kristína Csimmová


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